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・Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)

・International Academy of Medical Acupuncture,

 Doctor Fellow (FIAMA)

・NATA-BOC Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)

・National Academy of Sports Medicine,

 Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)

・Hometown: Toyohashi, Aichi

・Interest:  Work out and Golf


​​Dr.Daisuke 'Dice' Yamada

Chiropractic B-Well

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Born in Aichi 1983. 

After graduation from university in Japan, went to USA for studying Athletic Training in 2006.


   Washington State University    B.S. Athletic Training (Pullman, WA)

   ASHS A.T. Still University    M.S. Advanced Athletic Training (Mesa, AZ)

   Palmer College of Chiropractic West   Doctor of Chiropractic (San Jose, CA)


Work Experience

Benner Pike Chiropractic Clinic; Associate Doctor 

Arizona State University; GA Athletic Trainer   Track & Field

Experience multiple levels of internship, includes Seattle Mariners, USA Track and Field Championship, and National Junior Judo Championship.


2018 Back to Japan

   Treat national level of athletes, physicians, artists, and national team. Open own chiropractic office in Nagoya, Aichi. 



   Open second office in HIROO, Tokyo. 

Message from Dr. Dice

I grow up with competitive family in sports. When I was 6 y/o, I started practicing KENDO. During that time, I got injured multiple times from hard training every day. Since then, it was natural to be interested in medical field as my career. 
At college time in Tokyo, I was considering
what my plan for my career and came up with my past experience. Then, I decided to be an Athletic Trainer and move to the States in order to grab my dream. It wasn't easy for me living in a different country. First struggle was at the hospital when I got sick in Seattle. It was totally different system and didn't know how to express my situation. In these days, we have an access to the internet easily with smartphone, but not that time. 

After learning medical term in school and spent several years in states made me comfortable. I wish I had an stress-free communication about my health concern at that time. It is not easy living in different culture and location from your mother country. We communicate in English pretty well from appointment time. From his career, he is specialized in spine or any other common  heath concerns, such as herniated disc, migraine headaches, knee pain, etc. I strongly believe that I have been spending my entire career to be proficient and competent doctor and offer the highest standard of care. 

really desires that all patients, no matter where he or she is from, enjoy their time in Japan and I can contribute to it by providing care as a chiropractic doctor.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a health concern and do not know who to reach. 
​I am more than happy to help you. 

​Dr. Daisuke 'DICE' Yamada, DC, MS, FIAMA, ATC, CES.

​Lower Back Pain, Herniated Disc, Migraines, etc.

Chiropractic B-Well

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